Friday, February 27, 2009

No EDD Here

The weather has been so beautiful that we have been spending quite a bit of time outside.
We all played hooky from our responsibilities on Wednesday and spent the day together as a family. First thing in the morning, we went to the Zoo. Unfortunately, we were unaware that it was a free day at the zoo, so it was crazy crowded, but we had fun anyway. The major highlights was a close and active tiger; Sara wanted to "ride it". Seeing the giraffes from the top; Sara's
special request was to see "Sara's own 'raffe". And finally, riding the carousel; Laura's special request to ride her favorite animal, the zebra.
The rest of the day we spent hunting for a swingset. The kids really need a place to play outside other than the woods (which may be coming down soon anyways). And sharing the one swing is getting to be a difficult proposition. We have it narrowed down to this one or this one, but I think due to safety reasons - yes, still a somewhat paranoid mommy am I - that I am leaning. Which would you pick?

On Tuesday the girls spent the day playing outside. Lily and Laura wanted to bird watch from our deck and were nice enough to let Sara join in on the fun. The had explored the woods
collecting seeds and then settled in to watch the birds. They are SOOO CUTE!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I never got around to doing a post on Laura's Christmas Ballet Performance.  (Okay, maybe I just didn't want pictures of myself in a leotard up for the world to see)  But, ballet continues to be a big part of life around our house.

Here is a video of Laura doing leaps in December.  She does great leaps and does them around the house all the time.  Check out those straight legs and jump height?!
Sara's favorite thing in the world is to copy Laura, get on a stage and "Dance Allay".  Aren't the girls adorable?
We are currently working on the performance piece in class each week.  Laura is doing great.  I seem to be struggling, but I think as soon as I stop getting brand new girls in class, things will go more smoothly.  It sure is a good time and the piece is starting to take shape.  And, Thank you to everyone (My folks and Deb) who have watched Miss Sara so I can teach.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Caving In...or is it Out

After a wonderful shopping trip with my fellow preggie and favorite shopping buddy Andrea, I broke out all my maternity clothes. Today I arranged them in the position of prominence in my closet and drawers. I've caved in and accepted the fact that I'm really showing; will these stomach muscles ever come back?! Thank heavens I got some good, stylish, new basics on the trip. Yes, we may have filled the dressing room at Motherhood to overflowing (truly, there was no hanging or seat space when we began) but I was happy with my haul. My favorite finds were a knee length black skirt and a pair of black leggings that will keep me modest in skirts and get me through dance class. Thank you Andrea for your fabulous input as always!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Beginnings

Phew. New Beginnings is over. This means, because we have an awesome camp director, that things can calm down for a while. My pregnant body thinks this is a good idea! It'll get big again when morning sickness is over; perfect timing for me.
Our theme this year is "Treasure Seekers". We are seeking for the treasures in this year's theme of 1 Tim 4:12; word, conversation, charity, faith, purity. Danyelle started off our monthly Treasure Seekers night (from what I've heard it was GREAT, b/c I missed it while in Disneyland :() that will focus on one of those attributes each month. I feel that we definitely introduced the theme well! Check out these tables! (Thank you to Mom who lent me so many Treasure Chests!)
Oh, and Jason deserves many props for helping hang the flags from the ceiling. Have I mentioned that I am glad OTHERS are in charge of decorating...this stuff is so beyond me.
We also handed out necklaces with the year theme charm on them. We will be adding charms to these throughout the year for events like birthdays, camp, etc. I think they are super cute and were a really good price!
The best part of the evening was an awesome skit written by Erica. It was fun, funny and really got the theme and our point across. A HUGE THANK YOU to Amanda who gave us a Swiper at the last minute to put in the skit.
We received great feedback on the night and I am glad it's over.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

We did quite a few fun things for Valentine's. It all began with Steph's Valentine Exchange party. I brought my homemade salsa and chips - please note that I did NOT do a paper craft. Laura helped me a LOT with making my valentines. The party was super fun and her house looked great. It was wonderful to spend time with Steph and Marnie and to meet Elisa.
Laura delivered Valentine's to her class and to many of her friends around the neighborhood. Jason helped her get all of them ready while I was doing New Beginnings. She also delivered to grandparents and cousins. Here she is with Lily.
The girls really enjoyed valentine's gifts they received from others. The charms and the chalk mat were the highlights. THANK YOU everyone!
The girls also loved the little bags of gifts they received from us. Valentine's is such a sweet holiday. I love that the girls can be so excited and feel so special with only $6 worth of items. I think the chapstick was the biggest hit of all.
Jason and I watched both of Deb's boys so they could have a Valentine's date. Due to a kidney stone, exhaustion and major sickness, Jason and I celebrated Valentine's at home and in the hospital. Thanks to J's mom for watching the girls while I was getting my IV. But, I would like to report that I have the best husband in the whole wide world and that I love him more than anything!

Monday, February 09, 2009


At the last minute, our family vacation exploded - from 10 to 27 in a month. Check it out: 27 people who love Disneyland and love each other! (Note: the pic from Disney is better, but the CD hasn't arrived yet.)
The trip was amazing. Everyone was so easy-going, happy, and wanted to be together. Yay for the happiest place on earth. My perfect moment of the trip was standing in line to see Mickey with the group above; Laura in a big cousin's arms, Jason chatting with another spot of family, Sara in my bro's arms, and family happy and laughing all around me!
I'll do a big post with more pics soon, but I just had to get this up now!