Thursday, June 08, 2017

Sara Rosie at 10 Years Old

Sara Rosie had her birthday and added a digit!  She is one amazing kiddo!

 We started at a new dance studio that emphasizes ballet and she got in a level much higher than we expected.  Well done, Rosie!  It is so amazing!!  So, she's been spending all Summer dancing six hours each weekday in intensives at Barlow.  I've seen a lot of her like this.
For her birthday she wanted to go climbing with the family.  She was amazing and we all had a great time!

 She picked lots of fun clothes and some crafting items for her gifts.
We went out to sushi for her birthday dinner and she had homemade cinnamon rolls for her candles. 

Something extra special is that she decided to donate her hair to locks of love for her birthday. Nicole came over and helped us do the cut and it was super excited to send it off!  She looks adorable and I love what she did for a kid with cancer!
The results of her birthday interview are as follows:
Best Friend: Bella, Sisters
Favorite Entertainment: Dance, Read, Funny shows
Favorite place to be: Disneyland with my family
Favorite movie: Joe Vs the Volcano
Favorite music: Jason Mraz
Favorite book: Penderwick Series
Favorite food: Fondue, homemade focaccia
Favorite treat: Lemon Curd
Favorite activity: Dance, hang with family
Favorite TV show:  Project MC2