Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Laura at 13 Years Old

Holy Moly, she's a teenager.  But, she's so not a teenager.  She's happy and wonderful even if she is one of the busiest people I know.
Most of her birthday presents are waiting for her in the form of experiences at Disneyland.  However, we got her a few fun teenage things: beauty products, music, a phone case, and accessories.
We went out to all you can eat sushi for her birthday meal and had cream puffs for her candles.

The results of her birthday interview are as follows:

Best Friend: Sisters, Jordyn, Brea, Lillian
Favorite Entertainment: Playing with Sisters, Reading
Favorite place to be: Disneyland
Favorite movie: Get Smart
Favorite music: Meghan Trainor, Waitress and Hamilton (musicals)
Favorite book: Harry Potter, The War that Saved My Life, Goodbye Stranger
Favorite food: Sushi and Salmon
Favorite treat: Cream Puffs, Mom's Homemade Cookies, Macarons
Favorite activity: Being in a Play, One Voice, Friday nights with friends, Weekend trips with family
Favorite TV show:  Whose Line is it Anyway, Great British Bake Off
Laura keeps super busy in two choirs - the advanced choir at school AF Singers, and One Voice Children's Choir where her favorite thing is to record.  She is currently in three plays all while keeping up with her advanced classes and maintaining perfect As.  She's becoming very stylish and loves her clothes and cool shoes as well as painted fingernails.  Laura is magnificent with her sisters and is such a good friend to them as well as a spectacular example.  She has friends of all ages and makes them wherever she goes.  How we all love this girl!!