Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sara's Party Decor and Food

Opinionated Sara had quite a few birthday requests this year. The most important was her menu. She insisted on Salmon, rice, couscous and corn on the cob. With that kind of request, I was happy to oblige! (Yes, we added some veggies and a salad to round out the menu - thank you everyone for your contributions.)
Sara's other important request was that she have "cupcakes with lots of purple frosting". I decided to go all out for this request. Daddy made the Devil's Food cupcakes - he is the baker of the family. Then I made Betty Crocker's recipe for cream cheese frosting, dyed it with lilac gel food coloring, then followed the instructions and video HERE to do the frosting, and Jason dusted them with my find of purple sugar. They ended up super tasty, pretty and definitely satisfactory to the birthday girl!
Sara also requested a purple party. With some help from Partyland, she was able to pick out exactly what she wanted - dark purple plates, dark purple streamers, a light purple tablecloth, and the awesome purple skirt and crown pictured in the previous birthday post. To help out with my busy day, my parents picked up a selection of purple balloons from Macey's and they were perfect as decor and a gift for the kids to bring home. Macey's balloons last for a freakishly long time and are worth the extra trip!
It was a perfectly purple party with delicious food. I think it was exactly what Sara wanted - her bouncing, high pitched voice, constant kisses and huge grins would indicate how much she loved it!


  1. What a fun party! She is sure lucky to have you as a mom! The cupcakes looked fabulous! I am glad that dinner was yummy as well. Only your girls would pick a dinner like that!

  2. What a pretty purple party! Looks like SO much fun. Those cupcakes are great and the dinner sounds SO yummy.. It makes me hungry just thinking about it!

  3. Sara sure knows how to throw a great party. The purple princess was the center of attention all day and she just revelled in it!

  4. The party was ideed picture perfect! We had so much fun! Sara could not have been more to watch with all her excitment and joy! What a fun party.