Friday, June 04, 2010

Eliza @ 10 Months

Eliza just turned 10 months old. Not fair! Fortunately, she is not growing as quickly as Sara, so we get to enjoy her little-ness a little longer.
According to our scales Eliza now weighs exactly 18 lbs. She is in between sizes and is wearing some 6-9 month clothes still and mostly (a few are still drowning) 9-12 month clothes.
Eliza has really become more talkative this month. She hasn't added any more words to her vocabulary (except "Mo" for more) but they are more clear and more frequently used. She even changed from "Ah-Wah" to "Lala" and "Mom" is a constant.
Eliza's appetite has become more selective. She really doesn't like much baby food - only fruit with texture. Her favorites are cheese slices, eggs, yogurt and salmon. A great trick, is that she has learned to drink from a straw. She is totally proficient and often claims someone's tasty beverage (soda, lemonade, etc) when we are out to eat!
Eliza loves to stand, but refuses to do it on her own. She creeps/scoots backwards very quickly...stinking forwards is still illusive. The same is true of movement in the walker...backwards only. She loves to laugh, do tricks (like so big) particularly for Laura, give very damp kisses, wave bye bye and hello, sign all done and cheese, play with the girls on the floor, swing on the swing by her sisters, be outside, throw things from up high to the ground, and melt everyone around her with her goofy laugh and huge-normous smile!


  1. Oh yes, Eliza is one beautiful, charming and happy little soul! We do love her.

  2. Darling, darling!!

  3. Miss "E" really is the best baby in the world. Her smiles are frequent and huge. She is always in a good mood and loves to snuggle. Really, what more could you possibly want!?

  4. How did our Eliza grow so fast? She is just the cutest and sweetest her so much!