Monday, September 14, 2009

Treasure Hunt 2009

We got to the cabin to celebrate the annual grandchildren's treasure hunt early this year. It was a great time hanging with Steve's family and Laura discovering the zipline. Jason was great at catching the little girls and suffered some bruising from the repeated impacts.
Though Sara really wanted to ride the zipline, when she got to the top with "nuncle Steve" she said that it was "too scary." So, she watched from Joey's shoulders instead.
The treasure hunt had a cowboy theme this year. The kids were all part of a posse to round up treasure buried by robbers. The kids all wore sheriff badges and bandanas. There was a steer head above the door and we ate western food. My parents are awesome!
Sara really got into finding candy, enjoying her prizes, and digging for the treasure this year. The clues were a bit beyond her, but she cruised along after the big kids as quickly as her little legs would take her. I'm pretty sure that even though she is only 3 months past 2 years old, she thinks she is 5 years old in instances like this.
Laura is the perfect age for the treasure hunt. She read clues, found candy and ran as she figured out where to go. Her sensitivity and kindness to her cousins also made me super proud of her.
Eliza slept alot and spent the majority of her time in others arms. Look at my beautiful sister holding her.
Jason and I enjoyed watching the girls and catching up with the family. Thanks for the great party, Mom and Dad!


  1. Looks like you had tons of fun! What an awesome family tradition!

  2. I love that family tradition! We might have to copy it! (:

  3. It was so great to be together at the old cabin. The kids were such fun. I hope we can do the treasure hunt for years to come.

  4. It is a great tradition and the girls just love it more and more each year. It is a highlight of summer!

  5. Great ideas for a family party! Looks like you all had a great day!