Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Silly Sara

One of Miss Sara's favorite books is Silly Sally. But, I tend to read the book "Silly Sara." She hates that. She hates ANY nickname for anyone. Do not call her "pumpkin" "goofy" or even "love" or "beautiful." She will immediately respond that "I'm Sara, not nickname" Oh, and you can't call Eliza by a nickname either...she will get quite indignant that Eliza is only named 'Liza.

Another great thing about Sara is the way she says goodbye to someone leaving our house. "Bye Bye. Drive safely. Don't get any bloods."

Did you know that Jesus has a "super magic cape?" According to Sara he does. I tried to explain that what he has on in every painting is a "robe", but Sara insists that it is a "super magic cape." I can't wait until this one comes out in Sunbeams!

Sara is also very good about taking care of Eliza. Normally she is incredibly gentle and affectionate. However, sometimes Sara will get overly enthusiastic and will hug for a long time and cover Eliza's entire face. Eliza will then protest. When I ask Sara to give Eliza some space she tends to respond "Liza crying. I hugging her." Yep, Sara can always make it all better.

One of our favorite games with Sara is the faces game. She will look at me with this expression and ask "Do you like dis face?" We naturally respond "No"
Then she will change her expression to this one and ask "Do you like dis face." To which we respond "Yes" Then we repeat and repeat and repeat.
Oh, and have I mentioned that Sara hates to have her face washed? Absolutely hates it. But, if she gets even the slightest mess on her hands she says "I need a napkin" and will promptly clean her hands.

Sara had Jason and I rolling when on the way home from voting the other day, she confiscated my keys. I was then instructed to "Say please when you want them" Yep, manners are a big deal at our house.

One of Sara's favorite places lately has been the master bathroom. I often find her arranging things in my bathtub or even more often, she is hanging out in the shower. Oh, how we love our Silly Sara and how much she makes us laugh!


  1. She is definitely not lacking in personality! I love our funny little "Silly Sara"! She makes us laugh every day.

  2. She is such a cutie and a hoot!

  3. I love the faces! Those are great pictures! She is such a wonderful kid! Aren't you glad you have her to lighten your life and make you laugh?

  4. A big personality for a little girl - I love talking with her about nicknames.

  5. So darling! What a personality and what an adorable little girl she is!

  6. What a fun personality! I also love the book Silly Sally.

  7. Silly Sara is so much fun!

  8. I love the way she makes us all laugh and enjoy just the simple things like silly faces...she is personality plus! Love you Silly Sara!