Monday, September 07, 2009

Eliza at 5 Weeks

Eliza continues to be a wonderful baby. She seems to have really grown this past week. She is finally out of newborn-sized clothing and into 0-3 month items. Now I can dress her even more cute...hooray!
Eliza is much more alert and is turning towards voices. She loves to sit in arms or the Boppy and watch her sisters. Particularly because the are always running up to kiss her. Eliza has just fit seamlessly into our family and has brought all of us a lot of joy and sense of completeness. We have had a great long weekend enjoying our family and snuggling like crazy!
Her cheeks are growing nice and fat and little rolls are coming to her legs. I love fat babies! Look at how much stronger and bigger she has gotten.


  1. I can't believe she's 5 weeks already. Time sure does FLY by!!!

    She really has just fit seamlessly into our family. We are so incredibly lucky to have such 3 amazing girls! And I am so incredibly lucky to have the best girl of all as my teammate. I love you, Babes!!!

  2. Eliza really does fit perfectly into your family. She couldn't be loved more. She's such an angel and we all love her lots.

  3. She has gotten so cute and chubby! I need to see her SOON. She needs some kisses from her aunt Tana.

  4. Those girls are so cute! I need to get one!