Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cabin: Repairs, Fun and Snuggles

After the flood, tiling the bathroom floor of the cabin moved to the top of the to-do list. When Jason had a slow day on Tuesday, we took off right after Kindergarten and went up to the cabin to help Mom and Dad with the repairs. Jason got so much done that day that I was truly amazed. He finished tearing up the old floor, got everything moved out of the bathroom, and completely installed and taped the backerboard for the new tile floor. It was good to be able to give my folks a jump start on their big week of tiling work they had ahead of them.
It was a beautiful day at the cabin and the girls thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine. They spent almost the whole day playing in the water. It is so wonderful to imagine at the cabin as a kid. And it is also nice that almost nothing is a "no" up there.
The buckets were a big hit. I kept singing to the baby in my arms, "There are two girls in/with the buckets, dear 'Liza, dear 'Liza". Laura thought I was hilarious. But, I thought she and Sara were the true entertainment! Look at these fun and funny girls!
We weren't able to get up to the cabin and help again until Saturday. Mom and Dad had done tons by then - and killed themselves in the process. We just helped to put the bathroom back together. Jason is so fast at installing toilets and is strong. It went back together quickly, except for the shower of water from the broken pipe at the sink. Well, the new drain works, and it cleaned up quickly. Oh, and the new floor is so nice and clean and solid. It feels and looks great!
Saturday was a much cooler day at the cabin, so the activities did not include water. The girls even had to don their Baby Legs to keep them toasty. They loved breaking out their leg warmers again and each had to wear them to bed that night too.
The girls spent their time coloring, swinging, and best of all, they spent a lot of time dishing out the snuggles. It was a great day to be at the cabin. Sara keeps wanting to go back. Fortunately, we will be. My parents really put the push on finishing the bathroom because we'll be doing the Grandchildren's treasure hunt this Saturday. Oh, how sad we'll be when cabin season ends here soon, so we plan on thoroughly enjoying it while the weather lasts.


  1. Thank goodness the flood experience wasn't all work and we could have some good times from it, too.

  2. I love that picture of your mom with your girls. That is precious.

  3. We definitely had some good "cabin" time as well. And the bathroom looks great. Nice work, Mom and Dad!