Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

Our Christmas Day this year was wonderful. Santa came and filled the big girls stockings with all of their favorite candies, "lapstick" and a new toothbrush. They loved checking it all out and were thrilled with how well Santa knew what they liked.
Santa even filled Eliza's stocking. He brought her ding-a-lings for her carseat - which she already loves to bat about. And he also brought her some new binkies. The big girls generously helped her unwrap all her gifts.
Santa also brought one big present for the two bigger girls to share - a Hot Wheels Tune-Up shop. It has been wonderfully fun and added some great diversity to all our girl-centric toys.
Mommy and Daddy got the girls each one fun present as well. Laura received Toy Story for the Wii. This game comes with high recommendations as one of the best family games we've found for the Wii. All of us from Sara up to Jason love playing it together.
Sara received a big set of princess shoes and a crown. She has worn them EVERY SINGLE DAY since Christmas. She is going to be a master of walking in heels when it comes to school dance time, but man those things are loud on the tile! (Note that we dressed the girls in their Mickey Shirts for the day to remind them of the big thing we did for Christmas)
Jason and I jointly got surround sound, which J hooked up beautifully, though terrifyingly on our 14 ft ceilings. He got a few Wii games and I got a new, bigger digital picture frame. We have been loving all our technology!

Jason's parents joined us for our traditional breakfast with them. I made two quiches for the occasion - Spinach Bacon Swiss (new) and Ham Potato Cheese (tried and true) along with fruit and juice. They were super yummy, and by abusing my grocery store they were also super easy, so I will be serving them for Bunco that I am hosting in January.

At this time J's folks opened their stockings from us and the girls opened their presents from Grandma and Grandpa. The girls looked precious in their Christmas Dresses the next Sunday and Jason and I have used and abused the remote caddy and earrings.
An hour after Jason's parents first came, his brother Todd joined us with his kiddos so J's parents could open our joint gift - a new camera. It was great to see him and his kids on Christmas and we appreciated his effort to include us in his day.
After Jason's parents and Todd's fam left to all be with Bret's and Keri's families, J and I saw one of our favorite Christmas moments. Yep, the girls made time in all the craziness of Christmas to go and read on Sara's bed together - and they did it on their own initiative. (All of the girls received the books I purchased at the scholastic sale as a good portion of their Christmas gifts.) I love how much these girls love to read.
As an aside, and something I really want to remember, I learned the greatest advice about Christmas gifts this year from Jen, my sis-in-law. She said you should get each kid "Something to wear, something to read, something you want, and something you need." File away for subsequent Christmases...LOVE IT!

Later that day my mom had all of us over to her house for a late lunch/early dinner. It was super casual and such a great time. I loved just being with everyone, watching the kids, chatting with the adults/teens and just chilling out and enjoying the family aspect - the best aspect - of Christmas. (Oddly, I took no pics of Tana's fam at the event, but they were there :)
Laura snuggling into Grandma

Sara dancing with Prince Steve (who looks uncannily like Aladdin in this awesome hat)

Sara "helping"Joey play the piano

Eliza snuggling on Jeff - I have adorable pictures of Jeff with all my girls when they were about this age

Eliza learning the importance of texting from a super awesome teenage girl, Becca


  1. WOW! What a great summary of Christmas. Thanks for getting that on the blog so we'll always have those memories. You are the best and I love you tons and tons and tons!!

  2. Looks like Christmas was awesome! Love the pic of your girls in their matching dresses!

  3. We had a wonderful Christmas morning with your family...yummy food, great gifts and lots of hugs and kisses. I was a perfect morning!