Sunday, February 05, 2012


Ever since Eliza potty trained, she prefers (seriously, vocally, majorly prefers) wearing skirts. I've been so happy that she is trained that I obligingly filled her closet with enough skirts to wear throughout the week.
This week I made her 3 skirts. (I also like a project when I am stressed, and having my Dad in the hospital with a scary infection left me super stressed.) I began with the cute pink floral in my regular pattern. Oh, I made a hair bow to match using this pattern.
While shopping for the first fabric, I discovered ruffle fabric and fell in love. I researched how to make ruffle fabric skirts via pinterest (I used THIS and THIS tutorial) and decided I could do it. So, I went to Hobby Lobby to get myself some ruffle fabric. The skirt only took me a half hour and is so floofy fabulous that sisters are insisting on skirts for themselves as well. I'm sure I'll oblige later this week.
At Hobby Lobby, Eliza and my mom discovered pink Minnie Mouse fabric on sale. Eliza would not let go. I figured that if Sara could ask for an Ariel skirt, Eliza could have a Minnie one. Also, I had little red polka dots leftover from Sophie's birthday Disneyland skirt, and thought it would make a great contrasting fabric. (The supplies cost me a whole $5) I like the ric rac detail, but learned through failure that I still need to topstitch before applying ric rac.
The new Minnie Skirt.
All the little girls in their skirts at Disneyland. Yes, we got hundreds of comments!
Sara in her Ariel skirt meeting princesses at Disneyland
Have I mentioned that I love dressing my girls?! Oh, and I really don't mind Eliza wearing (and dancing everywhere) skirts.


  1. Too cute. Makes me want to pull out my sewing machine, but only a little.

  2. I love all of the new skirts. But more importantly, the GIRLS (especially Eliza) are loving the new skirts. They are way, way, way too cute!!!