Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Randomness

I was sick the majority of February. A stuck kidney stone stuck me with pain and infections for 3 weeks. But, it's out now. So, here is our mellow February in pictures. We spent a lot of time laughing on the couch watching our singing shows: American Idol and The Voice. And Eliza fell in love with the Kindle Fire: Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, coloring, and letter tracing are her favorites.
Daddy was excellent as always. The little girls discovered the joy of riding the "cow". Little girls hung out on his shoulders. He was an excellent dance partner and a great potty partner.  That, is completely conquered!  No more diapers to buy or change here - HOORAY!
We visited Grandpa Dan on his birthday and brought him a present. The girls enjoyed reading with Grandma the same night.
We all did some crafting: the girls made a spaceship out of the new blanket's box (we're progressing on the master bedroom redecorating), playdoh was a big hit, Sara colored and worked on her writing on the easel, I enjoyed the silhouette, and Eliza got into trouble every time I left her alone - I suppose I should never shower.
We also installed an exterior door to the cold storage in the basement. I am amazed at what a difference it makes in regulating the temperature of the entire house in addition to keeping the cold storage cold.


  1. It has been an incredibly productive February despite kidney stone torture! It's always fun to spend time together as a family. It doesn't matter much what we're doing!!

  2. And for the record, you did the vast MAJORITY of the potty training. I just assisted... :D

  3. I am sorry you have been so sick, my friend!

    I hope you feel better soon so we can craft together. I miss you!

  4. Even when you are sick Melinda you can create a good time and great memories for your family! Amazing!