Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I love Valentine's Day!  Just doing a few, little, thoughtful things make the day incredibly special.  I also am a firm believer in celebrating ALL the love that is in my life, not just romantic love.

I went to Steph's Valentine Exchange again this year!  Her house was decorated beautifully and I died over her sugar cookies.  I brought a version of a neighbor gift as my valentine to exchange.  I also made a little valentine for my Primary Class this year - thank you pinterest for this idea.
The girls got their baskets filled with treats and enjoyed every bit of them.  The mugs have been a great favorite.
Morning began with a breakfast of "donut you know I love you a hole lot" (thanks Karyn for this idea) and yummy flavored milks in the new mugs.
The girls sported the "heart hairdo" from last year with glee.  I think it may have been one of the things they looked forward to the most for valentine's this year.  Sara sported it twice because her preschool party was on the day after Valentine's.
 Dinner was one of my favorite parts of Valentine's this year.  Andrea did fondue for Valentine's a while ago and I thought that sounded super fancy and fun.  So, with some help from Sandra Lee, we did the same.  We did cheese for the main dish - with broccoli, chicken, beef, french bread, and green apples.  Chocolate was dessert - with pound cake, strawberries, red apples, and marshmallows.  We ended the night with Grandma reading the girls my favorite Valentine book "Olive My Love."
Jason and I also took the opportunity to spoil each other.  I think we each had something we wanted to give each other and used Valentine's as an excuse to do so.  I got Jason a very cool impact driver and some candy.  Jason got me a Silhouette!  You'll be seeing our creations soon!!

Oh, and my girls got good mail!  They received valentine's from my mom and from their adorable cousin in college!  They were THRILLED!!

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  1. You did a great job on the girls hair! And thanks so much for the gift. What a fun Valentine's Day!