Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Stylings

All the girls wore a new skirt that I had made to church today.  It made me feel like I had actually accomplished something in the past 3 weeks of crazed kidney pain.  I love that I can keep them in skirts that are fun and long enough to be modest!
Eliza picked our her own fabric on this one.  I think it looks even cooler with her pink and black checkered Vans.
I think this will be great for Laura's choir uniform!
Purple and ruffles - it screams "Sara"


  1. I love the skirts, you need to teach me - just not now.

  2. I love the skirts.

  3. They are so fun. I love how much the girls absolutely LOVE them. They are such fun twirly princesses!

  4. Great job, Melinda! I am loving Sara's pose!