Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Big Snow in February?

We got our first big snow of the winter yesterday - yes, it was the next to last day of February. So, we rushed straight home from school and put on our snow clothes before it all melted. We had to get a snowman in at least once this year and I was scared we wouldn't get another chance. The girls started playing while I shoveled the drive. Eliza liked the mud as much as the snow.
Then I helped the girls assemble the snowman and we had a good snowball fight.
While I was cleaning up and starting the washing machine for Eliza's clothes, they made snow angels and turned the snowman into a snowMICKEY.


  1. The girls have been DYING for snow! Eliza has been asking to go play in the snow every time we've gotten some. The problem was that there just wasn't enough to play in. At least we got one good storm in this year and the girls got to play in the snow!

  2. Hooray! My boys have loved the snow. Jacob still wants more, but at least we got SOME snow this year, right?