Monday, December 19, 2011

Gratitude: Candlelighting 2011

Jason's Mom hosted her annual Candlelighting Ceremony this past Friday and we had a lovely time. She made Mexican Chicken Salad, ala Cafe Rio. I brought the dessert - makings for ice cream sundaes. They weren't as well received as I had hoped; apparently half the family is on some sort of diet. But, we have all enjoyed the leftovers at our house.
I decided to come to the "thankful" part of the event more prepared this year. I have such a hard time getting my thoughts together with trying to keep the little girls good during all the talking in the dark. I decided that Jason and I have always given each other Top Tens and it was my 10th anniversary of Christmas with his family, so I had the little girls and myself each write down the top things we are grateful for from this year. I think I'll include them here. (I forgot my good camera, so the other pictures in the post are from Laura's performance day.)

Eliza's List
1.  Barbie movies
2.  Hot chocolate and popcicles
3.  Sisters
4.  Disneyland
5.  Mom and Dad
6.  Coloring
7.  Music Makers - dancing and playing
8.  Grandma and Grandpa
9.  Dress ups
10.  DVD player in the car
Sara's List
1.  Jesus
2.  Sisters
3.  God
4.  Mom and Dad
5.  Ballet lessons
6.  Heaven
7.  Coloring
8.  Being able to go to Disneyland
9.  ABC Mouse / Computer games
10.  Long-sleeved shirts: to be nice and warm
Laura's List
1.  Talents and lessons
2.  Family
3.  Friends
4.  Disneyland with family
5.  House - somewhere to live
6.  Heavenly Father
7.  Food
8.  Clothes
9.  Braces
10.  Cars - that we don't have to walk everywhere
Melinda's List
1.  A lovely home that's (mostly) warm in the winter and cool in the summer
2.  Jason working so hard that I can stay home with the girls
3.  All the friends and family that helped me while I recovered from surgery this year
4.  Healthy, brilliant, perfect kids that love me back
5.  My stable and happy marriage
6.  The opportunities I've had to keep learning this year: books, cooking, photography, etc.
7.  My faith and the memories of spiritual experiences I've had that keep my faith strong
8.  Disneyland with the family: the memories and bonds we build there
9.  Successful surgery: improved health and the promise of continued improvement
10. Nightly routine: hugs and reading with the girls, my nightly time with Jason or date night at home

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