Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Harry Potter Christmas Eve

Since we went to Julborg at Ikea, we went with an imaginary theme for Christmas Eve this year: Harry Potter. We had finished reading the first book all together on the 22nd. Then we watched the movie the same day all in preparation. I got a lot of my ideas and all the printables from HERE. The table turned out awesome.
After many late nights in a row, we started early! We began with presents for and from my parents - they know us so well that everything was perfect!! We kept up our tradition of giving them stockings and they kept up their tradition of giving us a table - a new one for the living room. It was a great diversion for the kids to play with their new toys while I finished up cooking.
The menu came from THIS BOOK. We started with Onion Soup (purchased from Costco) served in individual crocks. The main meal was a standing rib roast, yorkshire pudding, carrots, peas, and butterbeer (pints of cream soda). We had nibbles of bertie botts every flavor beans (jelly bellys) that Jason distributed and decorated for me while I sewed one night. The treacle tart was the best and what we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus over. We used true imported "treacle" or golden syrup and it was amazing served warm with vanilla ice cream.
We also did the nativity. Mary duties were split: Sara was "great with child" and Laura "pondered". Jason will forever be Joseph, my dad played the Shepherd, Eliza and I were angels, and my mom was the narrator.
The girls wore new jammies and actually went to sleep by 7:15. It was a perfect night and definitely the best part of Christmas!!


  1. It was my favorite as well. A fun "magical" night that was the perfect prep for Christmas morning! What a perfect night!

  2. I LOVE the Harry Potter theme! That's so clever! Hope you guys had a merry Christmas!

  3. You are so cool! It looks like it was so much fun and you are making memories that your kids will remember forever!