Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Catch-Up

I'm a bit behind on posting with all the hustle of the season. So, this is a huge catch-up post. We went and saw Santa with Gma and Gpa B at the UCAR. It was a short line and a good time. Eliza would have nothing to do with Santa, Mrs. Claus or Elf, but her sisters delivered her request.
Before the snow flew, we had to get the leaves raked. The fence helped reduce the leaves this year - only 4 bags instead of 9. It still is 120 lbs of leaves, but it was a bit better. Someday the HOA will clean up their own mess?? But, the girls enjoyed jumping anyway. Alas, I am STILL in flare from bagging them.
We also made my version of Christmas cookies - chocolate chip with holiday M&Ms. Let's just say that rolling pins and I don't get along. Eliza helped me make the dough and the big girls placed the M&Ms on top of the cookies. They have all been eaten and I think we'll have to make more.
We also helped Jason's niece (I claim her too) make her wedding invites. We made more than 250. It was a team effort!
Oh, and we have been dealing with furnace issues.  I now have an HVAC company to recommend and another to avoid.  But, one of the times I spent 5 minutes talking to an incompetent tech, I left Eliza alone coloring with markers.  Thank heavens they were crayola washables - she took a bath and I also had to clean the tub.


  1. Hope your HVAC is fixed and that you don't have anymore problems over the holidays.

  2. It has already been a busy holiday season! Luckily the HVAC is finally back up and running and we can just enjoy the rest of Christmas!