Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sara's Ballet Performance: Christmas 2011

Adorable Sara had her first ballet performance this last week. She hasn't been taking very long and was incredibly nervous about the whole thing. But, she was absolutely adorable.
She wholeheartedly participated in every bit of the performance. She loved showing off to both of us.
Sara also shows some serious natural ability; she is flexible, has turnout, has rhythm, and LOVES to dance.
She did the same little performance that Laura did at this age and was wonderful!


  1. Great job Sara! Your performance was wonderful! I am proud of you getting up in front of everyone!

  2. She did SO INCREDIBLE!! She finished the performance and then asked us if she ever had to quit ballet. We told her she could do ballet as long as she wanted and she informed us she loves it and is never quitting. Cute little thing. We'll have to see if she ends up like her mom!!! :D