Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snow Much Fun

It's freezing here and nearly Christmas, but there's no snow. So, we decided to make our own today.
We had a great time creating snowflakes and hanging them as part of the Christmas decor. I thought it would look like last year, but Laura really got into it this year. So, I attached them all to ribbon with straight pins and love the personality they put into the house. I have kids and feel the decor should reflect that and Laura is so proud of the work she did to contribute.
Laura also contributed to this decor in the bathroom. She loves to help and be invested in things I'm doing.  And yes, we decorated in the bathroom.
I also had my mom help me with a little extra decor while she was here today! Things feel more ready for the parties now.


  1. How fun! It was great to come home from work and have even more Christmas fun around the house. The girls had a great time crafting. You are the coolest Mommy EVER!!!

    And we'll love the new decorations every year.

  2. The snowflakes are pretty, and I love the ornaments! I am excited to do more decorating next year, since we will be home to enjoy it!