Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Card 2011

In case it didn't come to you via snail mail, Merry Christmas from our family.  The card:

The letter:

Dear Family and Friends,

This year finds us growing, happy, and blessed.  We keep our blog updated at and that is where to find pictures and news on all of us particularly the girls as they change so quickly.  Here are the highlights:

Laura is 8 years old and in third grade.  She is busy with voice, dance, acting, and piano lessons.  She chose to be baptized this year and won her school’s grade 1-3 spelling bee.

Sara is 4 years old and in preschool.  She takes ballet and loves to play on the computer. 

Eliza is 2 years old and very busy.  She loves to dance, read books, color, eat popsicles, drink hot chocolate, and play with sisters.

Our favorite family times are our vacations mostly to Disneyland.  We also love riding bikes, reading Harry Potter books, taking pictures, laughing, and trying new restaurants.

We hope this letter finds you all happy, healthy and blessed as well.  We consider all of you to be a blessing in our lives.

Merry Christmas!!
Jason, Melinda, Laura, Sara and Eliza Randall

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