Saturday, December 17, 2011

Laura's Singing Performance: Christmas 2011

Laura had her first formal singing performance today. She was amazing! I couldn't get the video camera to work well, but go click on the video and listen to that angel voice as you read the post.
Laura Singing
Laura and her teacher Christy
She smiled the whole time, was expressive, and her eyes just twinkled. Laura had absolutely no fear. Oh, and have I mentioned that she was perfectly on pitch?! I wasn't aware how difficult that is for someone her age, but after watching the performance I realized that she is truly amazing; it's not just my biased mom opinion of her.
Her practicing paid off again and she blew all of our socks off! Well, and she made me cry...


  1. WOW! Laura, you did fantastic! I wish my voice was as pretty as yours! Way to go!

  2. She did INCREDIBLE!!! She is an amazing little monkey. I can't believe how good she is at singing and I'm so thrilled that she has already found her love at such a young age. That girl just has music in her soul!