Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Activity Days Angels

Now that Laura is 8 yrs old, she participates in Activity Days. On Monday, they had a talent show of sorts. They showed their talent and explained how it could bless the lives of people around them. Laura played the piano and sang one of my favorite primary hymns "Search, Ponder & Pray". I love to hear her sing and play - and she did it perfectly, without any hint of nerves.
Laura also was the accompanist, for the first of what I'm sure will be very many, times in her life. She played "Silent Night" for the opening song and did a wonderful job.
The girls were adorable. Our fantastic neighbor does such a great job as their leader. Thank you, Jane!
I was really glad that she was able to have this performance since she was so sick and missed her piano recital. This way she had the opportunity to play some of the pieces she practiced for that. My mom and I really enjoyed watching her excel. The theme was "Angels Among Us" and, dressed like an angel in her white dress and showing her amazing talent, she brought tears to my eyes.

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  1. So fun! Laura does look like an angel!