Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WDYL - Home SWEET Home

We believe in the accessibility of treats in our home! Jason grew up without them and now can't control himself when they are about. I grew up with them always available and now can take or leave them. The girls already are non-plussed when it comes to treats. In fact, the favorite treat in the "everyday" apothecaries is the cashews.
However, we all have some favorites. Jason's favorite is definitely ice cream and mine is a dark (72%) chocolate. Not a one of us can resist an A&W Rootbeer Float.

Sara adores cookie dough and we make it almost weekly. But she also is famous for her line "I like candy." And couldn't help but being first in line for my nephew's candy buffet at his reception this weekend. Yes, it took three other kids to contain her until the reception officially began. Though she ate almost nothing once she could partake.
Eliza is just getting introduced to treats, but she sure loves them as well. Ice cream and Oreos are definitely a hit. And the smile keeps us feeding them to her!


  1. Look at that messy face! So yummy!

  2. Who doesn't love ice cream at your house? :)

  3. Your girls are so cute. I've got to see that Eliza again soon!!!

  4. Ice cream is a favorite in our house! I'm glad we have sweets around because, as you said, it's not a "treat" or a "temptation" to the girls. It's just everyday life. I think that's much healthier!