Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Laura's 11th Birthday Party - Witches Brew

With General Conference, rehearsals for and then performances of Macbeth, we were incredibly limited on time options for Laura's friend birthday party this year.  So, she picked the theme of a witches brew and we got the invites out early!  (Yes, that's NBX wrapping paper as the background.)
Fortunately, I overdecorate for Halloween, so the decor was easy!
Coming up with a craft was not.  I landed on decorating hats.  We found inexpensive hats at Macey's. I bought a lot of fun items from the dollar store, craft store, and big box stores and then got some "cool temp" glue guns and the girls did great!  The garlands and skulls seemed to be the favorite decorating items.
Laura and I worked on the menu together.  We did homemade chicken noodle and instant cheese and potato (I combine two mixes) soups in cauldrons, fruit, and rolls.  Drinks were sprite with blood balls (frozen cranberry juice) or water. They all seemed to love it.
She opened presents with her friends.  The girls who came were her sisters-Eliza and Sara Rosie, her cousins-Kaitlyn and Emily and Lily (who's like a cousin), and friends from school-Sarie, Lucianna, Sage, Cheyenne, Reese, Bailey, Brynna, and Jordyn.
We then did a Costco cake (spooky purple and orange flowers on chocolate) and ice cream.  In case you were wondering, the mint chip was the runaway ice cream favorite.  Oh, and she didn't light her hair on fire this year.
We played the candy bar memory game to end.  I think that was the biggest hit.  They all were wonderfully loud and excited about it.  The girls left with their hats, candy bar, and a cool Halloween sucker.
It seemed like a very successful party!


  1. It was such an amazing party! Thanks for being such an incredible party thrower, my Love! And happy birthday to my amazing Laura!

  2. Super fun party for Laura and she and her friends look like they enjoyed every moment!!