Saturday, May 02, 2009

Lovin' Laura

If you know Laura, you love her. Honestly, she's pretty much perfect. I really have no idea how I got blessed with such a sweet, smart, tender, fun, spiritual and amazing little girl. Here are some things she has been doing lately!

Laura loves to learn. She amazes me daily with her ability to read (with inflection; without hesitation; at an amazingly high level) her propensity for numbers (counting by 10s, 5s, 2s; doing some multiplication; adding and subtracting) and her desire to always be learning something. She has had some extra fun days at preschool lately. She loved backwards day and we went all out with a backwards shirt and backwards hair.
Laura's favorite day was when Grandpa took her to the farm for the preschool field trip. My dad took pity on me while I was in major flare and didn't have to suffer from horrid allergies and took her for me. Laura came home just bouncing. She made a lasting memory with my dad and loved learning about his growing up on a farm. Thanks, Dad!
I indulged Laura again and we had another little party today. Laura would have a party every day if I'd let her. She made party hats for her and Sara (that Sara would not wear of course), placecards and flowers for each person, and she and Sara made brownies.
I got them all dressed up in party dresses and my parents were great sports and came up for the party. This was an extra special party today because my parents came with balloons and Daddy was home to join in on the fun.
Laura is addicted to UNO. We play it every night for our special time once Sara goes down. She looks forward to it so much. She has even roped all her grandparents and lots of her cousins into playing with her. She's good too...she'll beat you without shame!


  1. Laura IS great! I do love her! You are doing a great job raising such a wonderful girl! Our card game of choice is alphabet go fish with Micah. He loves that game!

  2. How I love your precious girl. She's a special one.

  3. She is such a special, sweet and amazing little girl. We sure love our Laura. I don't know what we ever did to deserve her, but we'll take it! Love you my La.

  4. What a great girl, and I love that she loves parties (and makes party hats). She'll be a hostess just like her mother.

  5. Laura is one amazing girl...and yes she can beat us in UNO too! Looks like a wonderful party and I can see that everyone had a great time. Laura you are a great party planner!