Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Time

Since fainting last Thursday, and really freaking myself out for the first time this pregnancy, I've tried to take it a little easier. But, we have squeezed in a few family events.

We had my Mom over to our house for dinner on her birthday. I would love to take her out for the event, but going out to eat with busy Sara is just torture. Instead we made salmon and the girls sang!
We also made a trip to the cabin with my brother Steve's family and my folks. The cabin and family are just a perfect vacation! Laura loved playing with Kaitlyn. Jason loved hanging with Steve's boys. And Sara, as usual, loved Steve.

Also, Steve had the family over for a celebration of my parent's anniversary and we got to see all the local family. Family RULES! Sara was wonderful for the occasion, and that really RULED! And I brought my brain and camera along and finally got pics of my parents...the one below and the new one on their anniversary post are my favorites.


  1. It has been wonderful to have so much time together with family. That's why we live here and not anywhere else!

  2. nice to have such a great family so close by and enjoy each others company and find the time to get together often. It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Love the picture of Garna and Gary!