Friday, May 22, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Laura graduated from preschool yesterday. She has LOVED going and it was great fun to see her in that environment. She was also lucky that both her grandmas and a grandpa were able to come support her. And, she had to wear her "best dress" and looked so cute for the occasion. Look at that excitement right before we went.
The kids performed their favorite songs and several of the poems they learned throughout the year. So adorable! (And yes, I cried)

They also put on a little play. Laura delivered her line loudly and clearly and right on time. And she cued all the other little ones when it was their turns. Yep, she's a perfectionist too.
Her teacher said that Laura was her "assistant" this year, so smart and a mother to all the other kids. Yep, Laura made sure to take care of everyone else - make sure they understood things and were happy. What a sweetheart.
Laura cried when she realized she wouldn't be going back and seeing her friends and teacher anymore. She is such a tender soul. I think she is going to love school next year. And, oh, how I love her. I am excited that she is so smart and capable and growing up so beautifully, but also sad that another stage (where I get a lot more of her) is past.


  1. No kidding. Now it's off to school every day and not getting her as much as we used to. We have to enjoy this summer with her before Eliza gets here, school starts, and everything changes.

  2. Thaenk you for mancing a post all abowt me love laura

  3. So fun! I cry at things like that when they aren't even my kids--you have no chance of not crying especially being pregnant! (: She looked beautiful!

  4. Beautiful, precious and sweet Laura. She'll bring you a lifetime of joy!