Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

We were able to honor our ancestors this Memorial Day by visiting serveral gravesites and placing flowers. We went with my parents to both sets of my grandparents' graves and a few other ancestors as well on Saturday. Laura loved seeing Grandma Ida's whose picture she carries around all the time at my Mom's house and she says she remembers from heaven.
We were also able to explore some pioneer ancestry on the same trip. My goodness, between Jason and I, these girls have so much pioneer heritage it's crazy.
Then we were able to visit Jason's grandparents' gravesite. This was special to Laura because she remembers when Grandma Jo died and helped her really understand the importance of Memorial day.


  1. It was the best 3 day weekend. And a real opportunity for the girls to learn about their ancestors and heritage. It was a lot of fun to see Laura get so excited to visit and learn about those who came before us. She is such a cute little bug!

  2. Visiting cemeteries with you was a sweet time. It was wonderful seeing Laura feel a connection with past loved ones.