Friday, May 08, 2009

Golden Wedding

Congratulations to my fantastic parents who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary this past Sunday! What an accomplishment in this day and age. Mom and Dad, I am so proud of you - this is huge. I am so grateful that you have provided such stability to me and my family and such a wonderful example of how the covenant of marriage can really work to bless generations. We love living so close to you and counting you both among our best friends.

I have been so ill this past month (strep, sinus infection, kidney stone and kidney infection), that the only party throwing I managed for the big day was dinner with them and our little family. Also, they were already scheduled to go to my sister's house by the time I scheduled with them, so our time with them and our access to extended family was limited.
Laura loved helping me plan and prep for the party - especially because the recipients were two of her favorite people in the whole world - and did a great job keeping it a secret from Grandma and Grandpa. (The decor was all golden yellow and we had streamers!) Sara learned how to say "Happy Nursery" and dished out lots of hugs. I got to break out my new dishes - aren't they fabulous how easily they are customized to any party occasion?! And Jason made ribs in his new smoker. It was simple, but a good party and I hope it made them feel loved. And I was still feeling sick enough to forget to take any pictures of the occasion - doh - but here is a recreate (since I still had the papers) of the dishes!


  1. Thank you so much for remembering us, and thank you especially for loving us. We sure love all of you back!

  2. Happy 50th anniversary! What an accomplishment. You have been such an example for all of us in living the gospel fully and happily! We love you both.