Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weekend Bonus

Since we didn't go out of town over Mother's Day like we wanted to (I've just been way too ill) Jason took the day off on Friday and we played around here. We went to the zoo first off. Sara had the most fun she has ever had there and could not stop talking to and about the animals.

I think the favorites this time were the giraffes, the carousel, and the elephants.

Then we were able to stop by and see Brian and Steph's new baby Benson. We also got to see their new home. It was great to be able to catch up with them and to see how our family will react to a new baby; Laura - great, Sara - not so much.
Later, Steph and Larry stopped by for a visit. It is always a great time when they stop by. Check out Princess Pinball with Larry!


  1. It was such a bonus weekend. We needed it. It was so fun to get that much time with my girls!!!

  2. What a fun day!! :)

  3. How fun! You guys are always up to something fun. I want to go to the zoo!

  4. I so need to go to the zoo sometime soon! I am sure the boys would LOVE it.

  5. You always manage to have fun no matter what and I think that is such a great way to live your life! Continue making every day a great day!