Monday, April 01, 2013

Annie Jr. - Laura's Play

Laura got into her school (Jr. High associated with her elementary school, technically) production of Annie Jr. She was selected as the named orphan, Kate. Here are some of the pictures they used for publicity.
The practices were many, but the production was wonderful. She made so many wonderful friends and learned a lot from working with a new director.
She was fantastic in her role and I couldn't take my eyes off her!


  1. She was so breathtaking! I couldn't take my eyes off her either. She stole the show and (as always) was AMAZING!!!! Way to go, Laura!!!!!

  2. Wow, this girl has some talents! So fun!

  3. Laura was picture perfect in her role and we could not take our eyes off of her. What a joy to watch her doing what she loves so much!