Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Laura's Pinocchio Play

Laura got cast as Pinocchio in "My Son Pinocchio" with AFYT.  So, she spent several months rehearsing while I spend several months organizing costumes, sewing, and shopping.  It played last weekend.
She was utterly fantastic!  I couldn't take my eyes off her.  She never stopped acting; never missed a cue or note; and shone onstage!  That girl has found her niche and can seriously sing and act!!  She got to work with Jules again and met new friends.  This is such a wonderful experience!
Laura had tons of support in this leading role!  Thank you everyone who came and supported her and our family!! (I don't have pictures of everyone as my camera went defunct on Thursday, but here's a good representation.)

(As an aside, this is the most work I have ever done on costumes and was really proud of the results!  With Mom's help we got Laura looking iconic and I sewed or put together tons of other costumes.  I adore working with the ladies on the costume committee as well as all the others involved in the play.  It is so great to be with intelligent and talented women who put their children first.)


  1. What a fantastic production! Laura was more than amazing and your costumes were so well done. Dad and I enjoyed every bit of it

  2. It was such a fun play! Laura did PERFECTLY and I was so incredibly proud of her. She is such an amazing girl!

    And Melinda did an UNBELIEVABLE job on all of the costumes. She either outright made or worked on so many costumes, it was unreal! Nicely done, Love!!!