Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

It was a school day and Laura performed that night, so we kept this year's St. Patrick's day celebrations a bit more mellow.  But, with a last name like my maiden name, there has to be some celebrating.  We had a "Top O' the Mornin'" breakfast for dinner the night before with the Irish grandparents.  My parents brought the breakfast meats to go along with rainbow fruit, pints, and french toast casserole.
I painted the girls' nails green, except Laura who had to perform and got only a shamrock.  Uniform shirts were waived for the day and they all wore shamrock shirts that I got online for $2 each.
It was a fun little holiday!


  1. It was an AMAZING holiday and way too much fun! We all love the Top o' the Mornin' breakfast. What a fun tradition that you started Babes!

  2. Cute shirts, and fun for the girls to not have to wear uniforms! The spread looks delicious. Sounds like fun!