Friday, April 06, 2012

What a Week!

It has been a busy week around our house.  And, I have no pictures of anything.

Saturday was the busiest with: lots of errands and scanning and basement organizing, a party for Creed, Creed coming over to play with us for a few hours and crazy amounts of kid bike riding, and going to egg some of our friends.  Fortunately, Sunday was a wonderful day of rest.

This week I have passed 2 kidney stones, ridden my bike or trainer 45 miles (yet I still feel out of shape), got a new phone and am still struggling on how to work it, was amazed that I used to be cool as I relived my Miss Provo year, and done some spring cleaning.

Jason went through an emotional rollercoaster and huge decision-making process and accepted an offer for a new job that he'll start at the end of this month, built a new shelf for behind the couch (much more attractive storage), and set up my phone for me.

We ordered a shed.  We've had approval from the HOA for 2 years and finally decided to bite the bullet and put it in.  I need more room for bicycles in the garage.  As a side note, I have 2 lovely neighbors and am choosing not to say anymore.  Also, we had to get new tires on the van.  Might I recommend you get them from here not here, if you can't get them from Costco?  Once again, I'm going to choose to say no more.  I'm happy to check them off the list.

Laura did wonderfully on an audition despite being sick. Eliza has also been sick and has lived in the bathtub.  Sara has not gotten enough attention because both of her sisters were sick, but still has made major strides on reading.


  1. It has been a crazy and hectic couple of weeks. It's nice to be back to normal. Let's hope things can go back to normal. We really like boring!

  2. Wow! What a week. Good luck with the new job and hope your girls are feeling better soon.