Friday, June 28, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Jason's Father's Day began on Saturday.  We went to a movie "Monsters University" and ate ribs with my folks.  The girls painted pictures for all the dads this year!
On the actual day, we gave him our gifts.  Some family traditions came into play: 1 - We always open presents first thing in the morning if we can; why wait?! 2 - The girls get daddy Disney and Jazz shirts!  This year he got classy ones :)
That night we spent with Jason's family at a BBQ at his folks' house.  It was a lovely time!


  1. It was an incredible Father's Day! I got some GREAT shirts and stuff from my amazing girls and incredible wife. And we got to see tons of family. What could be better??? I am the luckiest man alive!!!

  2. Happy Father's Day Jason!

  3. I really like that picture of the girls with their Grandpa! It sounds like it was a great day for Jason. Did Laura know what was in that present because she looks more surprised and excited than Jason! So funny!

  4. We had such a great time with your family! I love the picture of the girls with Grandpa too!