Monday, June 17, 2013

Graduation Day Part One: Sara's Kindergarten Graduation

Sara had a wonderful Kindergarten Graduation. She sang songs, received a diploma, and was so proud. I laughed, grinned, and cried!
Paying serious attention to her teacher!
Receiving her diploma from Principal Hunt

I know it looks far away, but I'm afraid HS graduation will be here too soon
She knew exactly what she wanted to wear for the event and how her hair should be styled. I think it turned out adorably; nice taste, Sara!
Before graduation in the classroom
Gamely smiling for a final picture
Sara loved giving us something special since we were the class sponsor this year.
Some of the family: Jason is holding the class thank you
Both her sisters (we pulled Laura out of class), her parents, Gma and Gpa F, and Gma B attended. She felt loved and was adorable!
With her Teacher: Mrs Packer
With her TA: Mrs Walker


  1. Love her hair and outfit! What a cutie!

  2. It was so adorable! She was so proud (and rightfully so!) and we were all so proud of her. Way to go, Sara!!!