Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bear Lake Adventure

My parents wanted to do a reconnaisance mission for our family reunion this July at Bear Lake.  I wanted to join them to scope out photography stuff as well.  So, we had a big day trip.  It was a grand adventure!  The kids were remarkably good in the car.  We stopped first in Logan to see the temple.
Then it was on to Bear Lake.  I loved the big overlook site, but it was COLD!  However, we braved the elements for a while to read the informational signs.  I love an informational sign!
From there we went down to check out the lodge and scope out locations for the treasure hunt.  There sure weren't many.  My folks have their work cut out for them.  The lodge looks amazing and I'm thrilled we will all be together!
A quick five minute walk took us from the lodge down to the beach.  We loved touching the water - fortunately no one fell in.  Also we saw a big group of pelicans and adored checking out the turquoise water from lots of views.  The walkway out into the water was super neat and one of my favorite photo spots!
Pelicans just to the left of us in this pic!
I took way too many pictures trying out different backgrounds.  I think there will plenty of options in a small general area and the pictures should turn out nicely!  I liked many of these!  Have I mentioned how much I love that my girls are so good at pictures now?!  They stand right where I tell them (quickly), look right at the camera and smile the first time!  Love it!!
I think the girls favorite part was discovering small reeds growing near the lake.  They loved that they were hollow and had paintbrush tops.  Picking ones of different size was great fun.  So was hiding them at the lodge to see if they would still be there when we came back in July for the reunion.
We ate lunch at a place right next to the lodge.  The food was good, but more importantly we found out they would cater dinners for us!  Yay for no one being stuck in the kitchen at the reunion!  We also drove to check out boat/watercraft rental places.  We did a lot of research.
The research was successful and the trip a grand way to spend a day! Can you believe we went to three states in one day in the middle of the big west?! I love adventures!


  1. So fun!! It looks like a beautiful location, that will be great for the family reunion! The girls are so cute and getting so big. I miss you tons!

  2. Glad you all did the recon mission! Looking forward to the reunion!

  3. It really was a fun day and we learned a lot so that we'll be super organized in July. Three years is a long time between reunions and I can hardly wait to have our whole family together. There'll be a lot of smiling and happy tears on my part.

  4. I haven't been to Bear Lake in SO long. It brings back lots of memories from my college days! I should definitely take my kids there sometime.

    The cabin looks great, and you are right; your girls are good at pictures! I look forward to the day when my kids stand where I say and smile. Someday!

  5. Way too much fun! I'm so excited to go there in July for the reunion!

  6. Looks like a lovely time for all! Have fun in July at Bear Lake!!!