Monday, June 17, 2013

Graduation Day Part Two: Eliza's Preschool Graduation

Yes, the two graduations were on the same day with a 45 minute break between the two. It was a crazy morning!

Eliza's Preschool graduation had singing, reciting, and big smiles! My face hurt from grinning at such cuteness overload!
With her teacher: Miss Amber
She also knew exactly what she wanted to wear and how to style her hair; super adorable, Eliza! She was not so happy that we had to cover up her choices with Daddy's big shirt. It was on only the shortest amount of required time.
Itwas awesome that she got to share the day with her cousin and BFF Makayla. They really learned to love each other through preschool this year and it thrills me!
I got pictures of the graduates with the grandparents this time!


  1. What a cutie! So special to see them grow and learn!

  2. There was an overload of cuteness! It was way too much fun and we were all so proud of Eliza. Nice work, Sweetie!!!!

  3. She is getting to be SO big! I love her outfit and think it is adorable that they put the kids in their daddies shirts to use as robes. Cute!

  4. Eliza looked adorable.