Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sara @ 6 Years Old

I don't do as well getting these posts done when she isn't required to do a visit to the doctor near her birthday.  But, I did get the requisite video done for 6 years old right on time!  Isn't she adorable?!

Turn up the volume so you can hear her read AA Milne's "Now We are Six"
Here are the results of her birthday interview:
Favorite Color: purple
Best Friend: Jesus, Mom & Dad, Hailey, Keira, Creed and Sisters
Favorite toy: drawing, swings downstairs
Favorite place to be: Disneyland, St. George
Favorite movie: Tarzan
Favorite book: Creamed Tuna Fish and Peas on Toast, Spiderwick Chronicles, Percy Jackson Series
Favorite food: Salmon, Fondue
Favorite treat: Mommy's cookies
Favorite activity: dancing, reading, swimming
Favorite TV show: H2O, Sabrina the Teenage Witch
She is incredibly empathetic, flexible, funny, opinionated and confident.  She works super hard at the things she finds important like reading and dancing.  Sara gives the best hugs in the entire world!
We love our Sara so much!!


  1. Sara is incredible! She knows who she is and is always herself no matter what. She is loving, kind, and the best snuggler ever!! I love you my Sara Sue!!!!

  2. What a cute girl Sara is! Happy birthday Sara!