Monday, January 23, 2012

Girl Pictures: Jan 2012

We went to Costco on Saturday. They had just put out the Easter dresses for little girls. I found one with sleeves and immediately purchased three. Yay, for finding a matching dress in a serious variety of sizes.

Since Laura had to have a new headshot for an audition this week, I figured it was time to take new pics of ALL the girls. I love being able to take them at home. I believe that it gives me significantly better pictures, with significantly less stress. My favorites of the three girls:
My favorites of Eliza:
My favorites of Sara:
My favorites of Laura, plus the new headshot:


  1. They look SO amazing! And I totally agree that taking them at home gets us WAY better pictures than going somewhere. Plus it saves us money. What a win/win!!!

  2. Your girls are absolutely adorable!

  3. So many awesome pictures! I love being able to take pictures of my kids myself as well. It not only costs less, but I think I get better pictures too!