Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine's day was so busy! We didn't have time for our traditional fondue because of lessons and play practices and Eliza having the 24 stomach flu. However, there still was some fun. We made our first Valentine box this year for Laura. Thank heavens for Pinterest and the silhouette paper dolls. Laura loved it and won a prize for it.
All of the girls wore the "heart hairdo" this year and dressed for the day. Sisters went to school and delivered Valentines with Ring Pops.
They also got their baskets from us. The baskets had little trinkets (a chocolate scented stuffed bear, yummy chocolates, pencils, crayons, paper, etc.) but those brought out big smiles!
I went to Steph's Valentine Exchange and swapped retractable measuring tapes. I also adjusted those and we gave them to the girls' teachers. Jason and I got each other a new TV for the bedroom.
It was a good Valentine's day!


  1. Thank you for getting those things for the girls for Valentine's Day. They absolutely LOVED them! Nicely done, Love. And I'm loving our new TV. We're so spoiled! :D

  2. I love Laura's box, it is awesome! And I love the heart hairdo, I'll need to learn that one. And the gifts - so fun!! Why to have a great holiday!

  3. The girls hair is just too cute...great Valentine ideas! The girls all look so happy!