Friday, July 05, 2013

TriSARAtops 6th Birthday Party

Sara always has such magnificent ideas for her birthday parties. This year was no exception. She wanted a dinosaur party. At 3 she wanted to be a "dinosaur fossiler" when she grew up, now she wants to be a "paleontologist."
Fortunately, we have one of the best dinosaur museums in the US right here. And they host birthday parties! So, we booked it! However, finding dinosaur party invitations in "girl" was impossible. So, Sara helped me design (note the purple) and we made them ourselves.
The party began with a guided tour of the museum. Now, we have been members of the museum and been many times. I have never learned as much or had as much fun as I did on the tour! The kids loved it too and my girls keep giving me all sorts of info they learned. Education and fun = success in my book!
They had a grand time playing at the erosion table together.
Everyone also loved digging in the sand for fossils.
Each child also made a mold casting that they got to take home. Super fun and not something we typically do when we visit the museum.
Then we got some time in the party room! Sara blew out candles and we had cake and drinks. She opened presents. Then we learned from the Laura party debacle and came prepared with the same candy bar memory game to fill time. It was a little tricky for this age, but most of the kids got it quickly and all loved picking their favorites. And the museum even provided gift bags!
The friends Sara invited are as follows: Clara, Creed, Kat, Keira, Sophie.
It was a great party that Sara adored! I loved the low-stress factor of it! Massive success!


  1. Wow! Looks like it turned out great! I'm so glad. I love the invites, and love the pictures of Sara and each of her friends. Happy Birthday Sara!

  2. It was way more fun than words. And such a success! Hopefully we can repeat this party because it really was fun and easy! Happy Birthday my cute little Sara Sue!!!

  3. Hooray! That looks like a super-awesome party. I love the invitations. They are adorable!

    I am so glad Sara had a happy birthday!

  4. What a grand birthday party for an awesome girl! Happy Birthday Sara!!