Friday, September 20, 2013

BFYR Conference

I had the most amazing experience this July. I went to the Books For Young Readers Conference at BYU with wonderful and brilliant friends. I listened to authors and illustrators speak. I asked questions. I got signatures. I felt enriched.
I had Jason and Laura join me for the dinner. Laura loved getting to meet her favorite author: Sara Pennypacker. She was so adorable with Laura and I came to love her even more!
I laughed my guts out at Tony DiTerlizzi and found my Sara's kindred spirit. I fell in love all over again with Philip and Erin Stead - remember I have one of their pics in my basement? I am incredibly excited for the rest of Jennifer Nielsen's False Prince series. I decided my sister should be the next Karen Cushman and publish through her scholarship. I was blown away by the talent and extreme niceness of Steve Jenkins and just couldn't stop buying his books - Eliza is thrilled.

Authors are celebrities in our house. It was so great to meet them. I also found out one of my BFF's is even more amazing than I thought, as she presented and was FANTASTIC!
Is it time for next year's conference yet? I need some more books for my signatures shelf that I put in the front room.


  1. It was way too much fun and must become an annual tradition! I'm so glad you got to go!!!

  2. It sounds lovely, and amazing! So glad you got to go and enjoy yourself!

  3. I am so glad you all had such a great time full of great memories!!