Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Halloween 2013

This is one of those delayed posts, so beware.  This year Halloween began with the Halloween piano recital.  Laura played Black Magic and Sara played Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Laura dressed as Laura Ingalls and Sara dressed in her dance recital costume and was Cinderella.
Eliza had a dance party and dressed in her dance recital dress of Snow White.
We all loved having a ward trunk or treat this year and being able to forgo the long and cold trick-or-treating on Halloween night for our family witches brew.

Halloween day the girls all got dressed up for school; Eliza in her other Snow White dress, Sara as a Rock and Roll Fairy, and Laura as Laura Ingalls.  We loved going to school and watching the parade.  So fun!

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  1. Halloween was SO MUCH FUN this year! I loved the girls costumes and they are just at the PERFECT Halloween age! Love them so much!