Monday, July 21, 2014

Les Miserables

Laura got the amazing honor of being cast as Young Cosette in Scera Shell's production of Les Miserables that played 3 weeks of July.  With the many rehearsals, and performing 5 nights weekly, it really was a huge part of our summer.  She would rehearse or perform from 6 pm and get to bed at 10 pm for rehearsals or midnight on performance nights after getting home and removing all that dirt (cocoa powder makeup).  We were so grateful for friends who carpooled with us.
 **Rehearsal photos courtesy of Dan Hixson.
Her carpool buddies and good friends: Haven, Nika
I keep trying to put into words how we all felt about this experience with Les Mis, but I keep failing.  It was so amazing!  I would love to put a video of her singing Castle on a Cloud up, but no filming or photography was allowed.  Here is an excessive number of pictures of the performance courtesy of Mark Philbrick.
The people Laura worked with were amazing!  Her fellow cast members were so talented and kind - the people she met will effect her life forever and hopefully will always be her friends.  The director, stage manager, costumers, makeup, set, etc were so exceptional at their jobs and wonderful to her.  She learned so much from those around her that she just exploded with this experience.  These people treated her like family and we will forever be grateful as they molded and protected our little 10 yr old that we sent out to an adult production.  Thank you!
The music, story, and message impacted all of our little family, but particularly Laura, as we watched the show many times.  Thank you to the many, many friends and family that came out to watch her and gave us your love and support!  We love you!
This was, by far and away, the biggest production of which Laura has been a part.  There was tons of publicity, huge crowds (over 2000 several nights), and she even got a bio in the program.  It was amazing to be a part of something so big!
 **Publicity photos courtesy of Mark Philbrick.
She was spectacular in her role, both acting and singing, and made me bawl every night!  I am so proud of Laura and all she did with Les Mis!!


  1. I am glad you were able to get copies of her photos. They are wonderful! What a great opportunity for Laura. You have a star on your hands! Sorry I missed it, but I am sure Laura was as spectacular as always. Every performance I see her in, she just gets better and better. Way to work hard, Laura!

  2. It was amazing!! And I am so glad that I had a chance to come see her, I only with Emma could have come too! Laura, you should be so proud!

  3. Laura did a perfect job in this role and it was truly a life changing experience for her. Way to go, Laura!

  4. Amazing from start to finish. Laura gave a picture perfect joyful performance and I enjoyed every moment she was on stage! Wow!!