Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

I know I've said it before, but Christmas Eve is my favorite.  Peaceful, happy, fun, Christ-centered, yummy, positive, and full of love!  To get it all done, we have to start early.  My folks came over and we did gifts with them first off.
 The girls played with their gifts and hung up their ornaments on the trees in their rooms and changed into their new jammies while we got dinner prepped.
We decided to start repeating themes.  We redid middle eastern.  Costco did most of the work for our middle-eastern theme this year since I was hosting the family party the night before.  We became big fans of flatbread and sauce, spinach salad, spanikopita, chicken, olives, and mint limeade .
We lit the frankincense and myrrh while we read the bible and enacted the nativity.
We ended by singing Happy Birthday to Jesus over baklava.

It was a perfect night!


  1. Christmas Eve is always so much fun! I'm glad we did it easy this year. And I loved the flatbread. It was such a fun and magical night.

  2. What an Amazing evening. I loved seeing the pictures of the Nativity were awesome! I love your family tradition and I love my family!!