Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015

November was full of plays!  Laura was Betty in The Crucible at the Echo.  She did a fantastic job with a difficult role.
Then there was also AFYT.  We were heavily involved this year.  Laura was Young Fiona and an Elf in Shrek, Eliza was in the preshow, and I was in charge of the costumes with Stacy.  The girls were adorable, the costumes were difficult but rewarding.  It was a great play and lots of fun for the family!
And, Laura had lots to do with One Voice Children's choir.  She sang all over with some highlights being at the Mall on Black Friday, onstage with Kevin Olusula from Pentatonix at the Capitol Theater, and on TV on the 23rd.  An amazing story with Kevin Laura (my 12 yr old) sang with One Voice Children's Choir at the Interfaith Christmas Concerts. After rehearsing her solo with the choir in the green room, she stepped out in the hallway. Kevin (yes, the incredibly talented and very successful member of Pentatonix) stopped her to compliment her on her singing. But, his kindness and wonderful influence continued as he gave her his time and chatted with her for 5 minutes about her music. At the final show he turned around onstage and remembered her again.  These few moments not only solidified her love for music, but also her quest to be a good person. I was already a huge fan of Kevin's music, but now I am even a bigger fan of him as a human being. Thank you for teaching her that being talented is important, but it's even more important to be a kind and uplifting person!
Finally, we had Thanksgiving with Jason's family and it was lovely.

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  1. It was a busy and fun November with plenty to do and fun things to watch. I love spending time with our family!