Friday, December 30, 2016

December 2016

Laura as Molly in SCERA's The Happy Elf
Laura had a true lead role in SCERA's Christmas show "The Happy Elf".  It was so fun to see her onstage so much.  She absolutely shone and it was my favorite role of hers to date.  The play was fun and happy and Harry Connick's music was super enjoyable!  I could've gone every night.  Thank you to so many who came out and supported her.  

Here is one of her reviews:  "Another standout performer was Laura Randall as Molly, the Bluesville child that Eubie tries to make nice. Despite her young age, Randall’s voice was one of the strongest in the cast, and her rendition of “Two Scoops of Christmas” was a major highlight of the first act."

Something fun was the Harry Connick personally sent balloons to the cast and Laura got to bring some home.  They lasted nearly 2 months - those were some magical balloons.   

Christmas Dance Concert
Eliza and Rosie were adorable in the jazzed up version of nutcracker done at their dance studio.  Rosie was a wonderful soldier and Eliza was an adorable sleepy girl.  I love to watch these girls dance!
 Elementary Christmas Sing
The girls were adorable at their Elementary Christmas Sing. 

 Rosie's 4th Grade Utah Play
Rosie delivered her line perfectly, knew every dance and every song.  She was a perfect Paleontologist and was fantastic in the Spanish Explorers dance.  And we all sang, "Utah" for weeks afterwards!

 Laura Choir Concerts
Laura did many many performances with One Voice Children's Choir over the Christmas season.  But, one of the big highlights was that they released a CD and Laura got to be the soloist in "Carol of the Bells".  She also sang a solo on TV.  But, as usual, her favorite performances were at the rest homes. 
Laura also sang with her school choir and got to sing a duet with her friend Lillian.  I chaperoned their trip to SLC as she had to run straight to a performance of The Happy Elf as soon as they finished. 
 Christmas Eve
This year we redid the Mexico theme for Christmas Eve.  We had yummy tortilla soup and laughed our guts out at the little toys we got in the Pinata.  We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus over tres leches cake and acted out the nativity.  My folks spoiled the girls and we gave them stockings.
 Christmas Morning
Santa came on Christmas morning and brought Laura headphones, Eliza an MC2 kit, and Rosie lots of socks.  The parents brought something to wear, something to read, something they wanted, and something they needed.  But, mostly, Christmas was saved for the vacation we had planned the next day.  Jason's mom also came over for breakfast and we gave her her stocking. 

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