Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I've been feeling so much better, that I decided I could actually bike outdoors. I tried a true road bike at the store and found myself thoroughly embarrassed and a bit fearful. I never really rode as a kid - I lived on a hill - and it didn't come back easily. For me, it was not just like riding a bike.

I thought some more and decided that I wasn't certain my health would last. So, with my lack of skills and uncertainty about my status, I dialed back what I wanted. I got this hybrid in grey on a screaming (1/2 price) sale. The sale was so great that I convinced Jason to get this hybrid so we could go as a family!
We got trailers, helmets, and shorts and have been going out a lot as a family - and sometimes J and I will each take turns at night! It's been a great time and little Laura is amazing. Bonus: it's getting me in shape in a much more enjoyable way than just spinning in my bedroom.


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    bikes are the best! I have two of them!

  2. Totally fun! Where do you ride? We are having trouble finding a good route with all the construction.

  3. What fun! Some day I hope to do this with our family too!